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Cap'n Fox
28 June
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"Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest, and a tiny bit sexy?"

"Captain. You call me...the Captain."

I'm the Captain, not the Doctor. But like the Doctor, I wander and explore and adventure, and as I do I try and find the poetical in everything, sifting through the everyday experiences of life, through art, magic, spirituality, metaphysics and culture, looking for hidden truths and surprises. I'm a reader, an essayist, a student of the multiverse.

My children are The Princelings; Prince Bear and Princess Sparky. They live in Florida an hour away with their mother. We talk every single day. I also have a wonderful chosen family, who are most definitely kin of the heart if not necessarily by blood. I refer to them as Fremily.

Exclamations you may read here include Holy Crow! Freyja's cats! Wizard! Brilliant! Allons-y! Witchin'! Odin's birds! Namaste, y'all. Absotively! Swingin' Hammer o' Thor! Be excellent to each other, Travelers. Good gods! Fox ON. Just ask if you don't get it...

My public blog in case you care to get a taste of my writing is here. Click the link to go there. It's called A Slow Foxtrot Northwestward.

"They are strong, but open and not grasping. Clean, but don't look soft, and they are expressive, conversational. But the way you touch your coffee cup in that photo makes me ache for them to touch me, because I know they would be kind, and inviting, and coaxing, the kind of hands you want to touch fingertips to and then keep going up the arms into an embrace. Those kind of hands. Your hands."

If you grok Firefly, you're a long way toward understanding me...

"A man does not recover from such a devotion of the heart to such a woman! He ought not; he does not." —Jane Austen, Persuasion



"Believe me, I already know how the world works... For some reason, I feel the same way about you that I felt about my kids when they were small—that it wasn't their job to love me, it was my job to love them. You can decide to feel however you want to, but I love you and I will always love you. Even if we never see each other again, you already brought me back to life and that's a lot." —Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love


Don't just let me tell you about myself. Here are some comments from my flist:

"You are the most wonderful Person a person could ever have. :) You can quote that and leave folks to wonder." —preachan_sidhe

"I don't know how many favorites Athena has these days, but it's clear that one of them is bodhifox." —greylistening

"bodhifox is a Gumtree-blue Land Rover lover." —sagebee

"bodhifox thinks like a sage and writes like a poet. And he knows where his heart is." —curtana

"bodhifox is a magnificent dad and a purveyor of donkeys." —shiredancer

"Bearded sage, who I look forward to many more years fishing for trout and spearing boar and climbing mountains with." —fearsclave

"bodhifox is an Arranger of Words, a Stirrer of Pots, and a Charmer of Females. Definitely an interesting character to keep around." —ravgonfly

"Some of the most amazingly lyric LJ entries out there. They are open and honest and poetic, and always a joy to read." —silverstah

"Cap'n Fox is without a doubt one of the kindest, sweetest people I've never had occasion to meet. He is a constant source of comfort and inspiration, and always has something wonderful to say. A true wordarian and a genuine Good Person, I can't wait to meet bodhifox in person." —irishyogini

"bodhifox has a good heart, a strong spirit, and is the only one I want in charge of the commune when we all decide to go back to the land and raise goats. —sirena73

"bodhifox is a good friend." —david_bridger

"bodhifox is a philosopher king currently masquerading as a simple citizen. By living as mindfully as possible, he reminds us all of that to which we ought to aspire. —mousme

"You, sir, are a wordsmith extraordinaire; a creator of worlds mysterious and sublime and characters engaging and witty. Ecologically conscious, parentally responsible, and quietly spiritual without loss of imagination or humor; you are a veritable renaissance man for the 21st century." —prolixfootle

"Being able to say that my brother is the sort with whom I can camp and canoe, dream and play, read and write, live and love, drink cider belly-up to the bonfire, raise children side by side to be the best of friends, the sort to tickle my muse into compliance, to run away to Vermont to start a new life where our sons and daughters understand and revere the simplicity and magic that is nature, that is life; that is a blessing I will never forget in all my days. He is all a little sister could ask for." —aliyna

Here's a kenning by crowgirl13:

Brother mine, matched steps on the roads, mingled
grip in the heart. You are sweet
Oxygen for the Midlands and the Hearthstones'
Dream of well-tending. Cousin of apples, kin of
ash and hickory, called Jack's Foil- holding
Hope steadfast, with feet planted, gaze sharp.
Inspiration kneads songs in your kitchen, drops hints
(grey-green threads to braid) in corners. Her
Flame tresses tangle 'round your pen. Mo dearthair,
Old soul with a young heart, Freedom's perpetual champion,
carrying wonder in your crane bag. Always e-
Xtraordinary, a visionary with earth and seed cupped close.

Rory: Serendipity has never been a friend to us.
Lorelai: Ah, yes, but I talked to Serendipity on the phone last night. She feels bad about how she's treated us in the past. We had a nice chat. It's all going to be different now.
-The Road Trip to Harvard

We follow Callahan's Law in this LJ (also known as the Law of Conservation of Pain and Joy): "Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy." (All credit to the Spider...)

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